Friday, January 22, 2010

Camping at Lake Maria State Park MN

The story: Brody, Angie, Grant and I stayed at Lake Maria State Park for the weekend! We had a great time despite the rain in the middle of January! We arrived Friday late afternoon and packed everything into our ski pulk and backpacks to make the hike to the cabin (it was about a half mile to a mile). Most of us (except Brody) decided to walk since we were carrying/hauling stuff and aren't the greatest skiers ;)

It had been rainy and warm so the snow was pretty packed and slippery. Brody had a couple hilarious spills but made it all the way to the cabin! The boys went back for a second trip to get the rest of the stuff while we made the beds and got settled. We made supper and played Jenga and cribbage for the rest of the evening.

The next day we had some breakfast and relaxed in the cabin since it was still raining. When we couldn't take it anymore we ventured outside to play. The rain let up and we went for a cross country ski trek to Lake Maria.

We were out and about for a few hours so when we got back it was time to start up the dutch ovens! Ang and I mixed everything up and got it ready while the boys started the charcoal and manned the ovens outside. We made the famous tamalie pie and a new recipe for pineapple upside down cake. They both turned out delicious!!!

We were so full afterwards we just layed around and chatted until we fell asleep. Sunday we hung out for a bit and then packed up and headed back to the car. We made it in one trip this time ;) We had a great weekend!


How we got there: We took I-94 South to the Silver Creek/Hasty exit 183. Then we took Cty Rd 8 to the South and took a left onto Cty Rd 39 and another left onto Cty Rd 11 to the park entrance. We accidentally took the scenic route all the way around the south end of the park - instead of taking Cty Rd 8 all the way to Cty Rd 39 we should have turned off at 127th St. Oh well - either way works ;) No one was in the office so we got our key from the brown board/sign outside the office. Then we drove in a little ways to the parking area and made the hike in to the cabin which was approximately a half mile to a mile.

Where we stayed: Brody and Angie had been to the park a few times and said Cabin 1 is the best cabin so that's where we stayed! None of us have actually stayed at any others ;) Cabin 1 is pretty nice with a little bridge right by it overlooking a small lake.

All the cabins are secluded, rustic cabins with two sets of bunks (the bottom bunks are double beds), a table, and a wood stove. There is no electricity or running water. We all knew this before we went so when we arrived I was pumped to find a solar powered light that you can use for limited amounts of time between dusk and dawn AND our very own private outhouse right outside the cabin!!! We had brought a lantern with but could actually use the solar light for awhile. And who knew we'd have an outhouse right outside the cabin?? I thought we'd have to walk a ways to get to it. The cabins in the winter also have a stock of wood to use but it is not to be used for a campfire and I believe is not provided in the summer. We read through the journal from other campers and some were not appreciative of the secluded, primitive cabin and said how much better it would be with electricity and water and flush toilet. They were also bothered by the fact that there was no wood provided in the summer and they had to hike to the office for some. Come on people, you can go anywhere and have electricity and running water! Try something different! We had a great time at the cabin and wouldn't want it any other way!

Trails: There are 14 miles of trails for cross country skiing in the winter. There are also trails for skate skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. Here is a map of the park for winter.


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