Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowmobiling Alpine, Wyoming

We're back now! Here's the story of our trip.

Here's my original post:
We’re planning to leave for our snowmobiling trip tomorrow on Christmas Day! Hopefully our travel doesn’t get delayed from this snow storm that's coming through. We usually go south through Minnesota on Hwy 23 and then take I-90 across South Dakota but it appears right now I-90 is closed through Chamberlain. So we'll have to see what the weather brings tomorrow and if they open that road! Or we might have to try the North Dakota route or something?? We’ll wait and see what it looks like! I’ll update my Twitter whenever I have phone service (you can find these updates on the right side of our blog). If we have internet at the house we're renting I’ll update the blog but I’m not sure if we do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Here are some links to sites with road conditions:
Minnesota Road Conditions Map
South Dakota Road Conditions Map
North Dakota Road Conditions Map
Wyoming Road Conditions Map

Here are some more handy links:
Alpine, Wyoming webcam
Southwest Trails/Grey's River Avalanche Report
Snotel site for Blind Bull Summit
Wyoming Range Snowmobile Trail Map

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