Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ice Fest 2009

Grant and I joined the Johnsons and many other crazy folks who like to brave the cold MN winter at Ice Fest in Sandstone, MN this weekend. We had a great time as usual even though there were times when we were FREEZING!

We helped Ed Bouffard, the ski pulk guy, set up his tent and put together his sleds for people to try out.

We were entertained by the Outdoor Endeavors crew that was camped next to us. We watched Grover, Josh and EB try out some ice climbing. We ventured out for a walk along the river to warm up. We chatted with the skijoring guys that were there and chuckled as a pet goat trampled through camp!

Later on we checked out the gear swap in town and listened to Dawn Glanc, the speaker for the evening. That was followed by some fireworks that were being lit off so close to us we thought we might start on fire! Then, of course, we ended the evening with a beer at the Gas Light bar and some words of wisdom from Ryan Woodward:

“Your only job is life, so let’er buck.”

It was inspiring. :) That night it was slightly chilly sleeping in a tent but we survived. The next morning Ed made us some tasty fried bagels and then we packed up and made our way back home. It was a fun time!


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