Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

Grant and I decided to cut our own Christmas tree again this year! Last year we went to a nice place but it was a little spendy and pretty commercialized. This year we decided to try a little more rustic, off-the-beaten path place and dude did we find a deal! Ok the place was a little shady but we got our cute little tree for the bargain price of $20! That's like half the price of last year's tree. When we got there an old guy with overalls came out of the old house on the property. He told us if we want the $20 trees we should go back around the shed and have our pick of any of the ones planted back there. So we ventured back there and could tell why it was cheaper here. It definitely wasn't as well-kept as the place we went last year. There were bottom parts of trees all over where people had just taken the tops. Oh and there were nice old snowmobiles and tractors all over :) hehe .. but we were fine with it. We kept walking and eventually found one that had a nice top. We chopped it off half way and had our tree! Here it is:

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  1. Nicely done on the Christmas tree! I can see you two have a real eye for picking them out! I love a real tree...the smell is awesome! I'm wondering what Grant is saying in that last picture!! Merry Christmas! Love you two!!


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