Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are you eating???

Ever think about where your food comes from or what is done to it before you get it? I never really thought about it. Until we watched the movie Food, Inc. Now I wonder about every single thing I eat. You should really watch the movie. Maybe it's not all true but it'll make you wonder.

Ammonia on your beef? Corn in everything? Weird. I need to find the local farmer's markets. Check this page out - it lets you type in your zip code and find Minnesota farmer's markets in your area. Grant and I are definitely going to attempt to plant some of our own veggies this spring. Yeah we live in a townhome so it might be a little tough. But I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I think we can at least manage some tomatoes. What else can we plant in some pots outside? Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers apparently work well according to this page. We're going to have to try that.


  1. chris also wants a garden--to grow hot peppers in. we could have a sharing garden in our backyard!

  2. I like the farmers markets. Mike rasies lots of vegies. On thanksgiving we had home grown food exept the turkey. You could claim a little plot at Darrell's and stop after work to tend it.

  3. alright! lots of garden ideas ... Angie even wants to raise her own chickens so we could have a whole homegrown meal :)

  4. Well, we also have 40 acres you could claim a spot for that garden!! LOL A little far to drive I suppose but I'm ready to help with any canning you might want to do, Ashley...I got all the stuff!! I use to do a big garden when the kids were young and now Gary wants to do that again so we'll see...I told him when he retires and can take care of it, we can do it!!


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