Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Schnells and Kalinas!

Grant and I went to Clotho for Thanksgiving day to hang out with Mom and Dad Schnell and Dave, Peg, Lucas and Brittney Kalina! There was a little excitement when a bird flew into the window and Marla showed us how she revives the little guys that smack into the sliding glass door. Poor bird sat there for quite awhile in shock but then flew off with Marla's help! We had a great meal (with Peg's specialty rutabaga that the rest of the Kalinas despise but it really wasn't bad heh heh) and then lounged around until Grant couldn't take it anymore and rounded us up for some ping-pong action ;)

1 comment:

  1. how DOES marla revive the birdies?? ash, do you remember us trying to revive birds that flew into the windows at home when we were kids? i don't know why the birds didn't want to eat those worms or drink that water we tried to feed them...


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