Friday, November 27, 2009

Holi-Dazzle P-rade

The Hinnenkamps (Darrell, Suzette, Jake, Cody and Olivia) and the Schnells (Grant and Me) attended the annual Melrose Holi-Dazzle parade today! Grant and I went over to Darrell and Suzette's for a little John Dough's Pizza after work (best taco pizza eveeer)! Then we all piled into the Impala, (can't help but sing this song - wanna be a baller shot caller 20 inch blades on the impala heh heh) picked up Olivia on the way (she was pumped we were all squashed in the car together) and headed for town. We jammed out to a bluegrass song called Downhome Girl on the way in. Gotta love the Old Crow Medicine Show! Cody said we all needed to do the 'gecko lean' pretty sure he meant ghetto lean but close enough ;) We watched the parade and the fireworks and then piled back in the car for some more bluegrass and a ride back to the Hinnenkamps. It was a fun outing!

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  1. Well, Grant always manages to make at least one funny face for a pic! I think next year we want to go to the Holi-Dazzle parade with you...I love parades!! Don't know about packing into the impala though!! LOL Always do a nice jobs on pics, Ashley...and the blog too!


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