Monday, December 21, 2009

Building our Pine Log Bookshelf!

We finished building our pine log bookshelf! Here it is!!! Read below for the story ...

Our bookshelf project started about a month ago when I first posted about it. Prior to that post we had made a trip to Home Depot to get our supplies. There was some other random dude in the wood aisle also loading up many pieces of wood. We had the Vibe with since it has a roof rack and more space than our other car. After we checked out we started loading the smaller pieces into the back. The random dude from the wood aisle then came over and blurted out '24 boards.' We were like 'huh?' He replied 'You can fit 24 boards in there.' Turns out he also has a Vibe and buys a lot of wood and knows how many will fit. Good to know. Thanks, random guy! We proceeded to load the wood and strap the big piece of plywood that would be the back of the book shelf to the roof rack on top. I'm sure this looked pretty humorous - I should have taken a pic :)

The next day Grant took all the wood to work and cut it to the size we wanted. That night we measured out and marked where all the shelves would go so we'd be ready to start nailing. Then we fired up our 'milkhouse heater' in the garage and set out to put the thing together. Grant had borrowed a nail gun from a guy at work which was an excellent idea because it would have taken us FOREVER otherwise! So, he proceeded to attempt to put the first nail in the bookshelf after we had wood glued it ... and it went sideways. Of course this resulted in a lot of swearing and I was like, Grant, really, I think it's going to be fine. He said no, he wanted it to be perfect! Oh boy, we had a lot of work to do :) Well, the rest of the nails actually went in straight and we had most of it together in no time! Pretty slick except I forgot to take pics before this point!

The next task was to fill the nail holes with putty. This also didn't go so well at first. The directions say to apply the varnish or clear coat first and then put the putty in the nail holes. Well, we decided to go against the rules and do the putty first. It ended up making discolored marks around the nail holes that showed up more when we put the clear coat over the top. Hmm ... note to self ... follow the directions next time. Grant fixed it up by sanding it off and re-doing the clear coat so I think it looks just fine. Now we know for the next time!

Then we ordered the pine logs to put on the edges (they came de-barked, sanded and routered to a 90 degree angle). Once we had those we put clear coat on them, screwed them on the front corners and put the top on to finish it!


  1. wow, you guys are crafty. the shelf looks really great!

  2. Wow, it is a real beauty! Nicely done, you two! See what can be done with our hands! And once again, Ashley, you do such a great job blogging!!


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