Sunday, October 18, 2009

Valley Forge, Chocolate and Pretzels in Philly ;)

Yesterday was another rainy day in PA but we made the most of it! First we checked out Valley Forge National Park. It was cool to drive around and check out the replicas and some original buildings from the Revolutionary War. Our next stop was a little town called Lititz where we stopped at the first American pretzel factory and Wilbur Chocolate Factory. The pretzels and chocolate were excellent! After we had our fill of samples we continued on through the countryside past a bunch of Amish farms to another little town called Intercourse. Grant thought that was pretty hilarious so we had to stop. And Mom REALLY wanted to look through the little knick knack shops (junk shops as Grant called them). Then it was back to Dad's apartment and then over to Tatyana and Carmine's house for supper. Tatyana works with Dad and they invited us over for a Russian/Italian feast ;) Tatyana and her family immigrated from Russia. Tatyana has been here for about 8 years and her daughter and granddaughter have been here for a few years. Tatyana's boyfriend, Carmine, is from Italy so we had a ton of food that was either Russian or Italian. By the end of it we were all stuffed! Grant made friends with the little kids that were there - Tatyana's daughter asked that he stay with them to help with the kids the next day! heh heh Today we're not sure what our plan is but our flight leaves PA at 3:30pm. We have a layover in Atlanta so will get back to MSP around 8:20pm. Mom had some issues with her flight. Ever since we booked it they've been canceling stuff and rescheduling. Apparently they didn't have her transferred to the same flight as us so she was making a bunch of calls this morning and I think has it figured out now! See you back in MN! We had a good trip to PA and I'm sure we'll be back!

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  1. oooooooooooh! you got to go to the chocolate factory!!! we are jealous. good luck with the flying and transferring! i hope you all end up back at MSP! :o)


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