Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kitty Update

Junebug and Everest are growing up!

Junebug's a little easier to catch on camera these days - she's slowed down in her older age ;)

All grown up!

Please don't squirt us with water again

Somehow he managed to get in the cupboard without knocking anything over!

Hmm what is this thing??

Soo lazy

Here's their most recent self portrait (shortly after Everest woke up from a nap)

and here are some more recent pictures in a slideshow :)


  1. i love this post. the kitties are adorable and funny. i miss them.

  2. they are so talented doing a self portrait

  3. It was fun to see Junebug & Everest last weekend! They have grown quickly. I enjoyed watching the two of them interact together and with us! I'm glad that Junebug enjoys being petted and I really liked Everest coming up to me in the morning purring away...he is a morning cat, as you say, Ashley!! They each have their own little personality!! Fun times for sure!!


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