Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Craziness

Ashley and I got together with Brody, Angie, Scotty, and a few others for some fun. The Halloween party started the night before Halloween when Brody, Angie, Ashley and myself went to a haunted house in Cold Spring. Terror on 23! We decided that night that we should make a trip down the river for a Halloween extravaganza. It was cold the next morning so we suited up and hit the the Sauk River.

A little chilly that morning!

But a great fall day for a paddle :)

Ang, Grant, Brody (Scotty's with too just not in camera range).

And Ash

It was a blast. We even flew some kites afterwards. These aren't your average kites, they are kites used mainly for snow travel across lakes and fields. I guess you have to entertain yourself somehow when you live in wind blown, flatland state with lots of lakes and fields. Rock and Roll. A good day.

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