Friday, October 16, 2009

Center City Philadelphia

We had a fun day yesterday checking out the dairy, then Center City in Philadelphia and driving to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Mom trying some cheese at the dairy.

When we first got to Center City we stopped at the Visitor's Center to get a ticket to go to Independence Hall. It's a free ticket but you have to get a certain time to go since you have to go with a tour. After we got our ticket we went over to check out the US Mint.

Apparently it's one of two mints in the US that produces coins. They had a little self guided tour we quickly went through. Then we headed over to Independence Hall to get on our tour.

That little building straight across is Independence Hall.

That's us with Independence Hall.

It was a quick tour and we saw the room where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence was signed. Apparently the chair in the room was the actual chair George Washington sat in when they finalized the Constitution.

And us again while walking past the hall.

After that we walked over to the building where the Liberty Bell is.

Dad, Mom and The Bell

We all had our picture taken with it and then there was a little commotion. Some dude walked up to it and leaned over while the security guard calmly said don't touch that and then the dude proceeded to touch it and the security guard said 'HEY DON'T TOUCH IT!' Whew I thought he was gonna get arrested ;) what a dumbie. We were all hungry after all our sight seeing so went to the Bourse and had a Philly cheesesteak. It was tasty!

Then we found our car ramp and paid for the parking since you have to do that before you go to your car. When we got to the car Dad couldn't find the ticket that we still needed to get out of the ramp. So we searched and searched wondering how we were going to get out of the ramp without it. Finally we found it back and got out of the ramp to tour around the city a little more. We saw Betsy Ross' house and then headed for Atlantic City. When we got there it was dark so it was cool to see all the casinos lit up!

We checked in to the Showboat where we had a free room for the night, did a little gambling, Mom did more gambling, and the rest of us went to bed!


  1. and by "Some dude", do you mean "Grant"??? :o)

  2. hehehe actually it wasn't Grant this time surprisingly ;)


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