Monday, September 28, 2009

A Trip to Madison WI

On September 18th Grant and I left work a little early and made our way to Madison, WI. We arrived around 9:30ish when Jess and Megan were just getting done playing their soccer game - perfect timing! We were tired from driving so just sat around and caught up and petted Ella. Saturday morning Jess made us some yummy eggs, bacon and sausage before we packed up and made our way to Trek. Jess had set us up with some pretty sweet mountain bikes for the day so we hopped on and rode out to the Trek trails. It was a fun day - we rode a lot of miles of trails and then hung out and grilled for supper.

Grant's excited to be mountain biking :)

Jess was trying to show us a trick but it didn't go as planned!

Jess and Megan scoping out the map to see what trails we should ride.

The trails were awesome and it was a great day for it! Here's a video of Grant on the dirt jumps:
After we were all exhausted we biked back to Trek and then headed back to the condo to shower and decide what else we should do. We ended up going in to town and had an appetizer and then watched the movie the Informant. It really wasn't that great of a movie (maybe because we were all really tired) but it was fun to hang out anyways! Back at the condo we played some Guitar Hero and then called it a night. Sunday morning Grant and I left to make our way back to MN. We stopped at his friend Tony's place in New Richmond, WI - it was good to see Tony, Joy, Nora and Cate! Then we were on our way again and made it back to MN that evening. It was a fun weekend adventure in Wisconsin!

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