Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day

Bikes and Kayaks + Laughs + Climbing + Tents and Campers + Oreos = a fun Labor Day weekend with the Hinnenkamps x2, the Johnsons and the Schnells!!

On Friday, September 4, 2009 Grant and I picked Angie up and headed for the Buffalo House Campground (aka the Buffalo Chip according to Suzette). We met Brody near Hinckley (he had been working in the cities) and finished the trek to the campground just south of Duluth. When we arrived, Darrell, Suzette, Jake and Cody already had camp set up. We put up our tents and settled around the campfire to listen to some clever songs by Grant and Brody (you can about imagine).

Saturday morning Mom and Dad arrived bright and early after Dad flew home from Philly Friday night.

The morning activity involved a lot of contemplating how to set up the slackline the best. Here's Grant, Brody and Jake tightening it.

Brody tries it while Grant and Jake assess.

Cody's turn.

After some intense slack-lining we all geared up for a bike ride to the St. Louis River to watch Grant and Brody do a little kayaking. See the blue and yellow spots? That's them ;)

After watching for a bit we headed back to the campground to hang out. The Johnsons and the Schnells made the famous tamale pie with a few adjustments. Based on Angie's suggestions we cooked everything except the corn bread first and then at the very end put that on top so it didn't burn! Brilliant! It was excellent as usual.

Slack lining was the event of the weekend. There were many hours spent by Brody, Grant and Jake trying to figure out the best contraption to hold the webbing tight between the trees. video
There was also a lot of Oreo-cookie-eating happening. Everyone was trying to conserve their Oreos because anytime a package was opened they were devoured in about 5 minutes. Luckily Coborns had them on sale before the weekend so we managed to make the 4 packages last until Sunday!

On Sunday Brody, Angie, Grant, Jake and I went to Ely's Peak to do some climbing while the rest of the crew biked to Duluth. We climbed the Flake and the Bulge - they were fun climbs!

Jake, Angie and Brody hiking in.


Me belaying Jake

After climbing we all met at the campground and hopped in the vehicles to make a trip to Duluth to go for a swim in Lake Superior. Grant, Jake, Brody, Angie, Cody and I rode together and somehow lost the rest of the crew.

So, while we swam they were checking out a sand bar somewhere near us but we never found each other :) Then Brody and Angie headed for home and the rest of us went back to the campground for the evening.

On Monday Grant, Jake and I biked to a mountain biking loop called the Oak Trail to check it out. It was pretty short but fun to check out and a good quick workout. It was a little hilly and when we were going down a hill we noticed something brown on the side of the trail. Grant kept going full speed and all of a sudden slammed on his brakes. It was a porcupine!! The little guy sure didn't move very fast and was pretty cute waddling off the trail. Definitely the highlight of the day :) After we were done biking everyone packed up and headed back home. It was a fun weekend but went way too fast as always!

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