Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Canoe Paddle Progress!

Grant's been working on his paddle quite a bit. It's actually starting to look like a paddle! To get it looking like this since last time, he drew the pattern of a paddle on the flat blade and used a jig saw to cut it out. Then he used a hand planer and sand paper to smooth all the edges to get it looking like this.

He cut out his handle with the jig saw but still needs to sand and shape it.

Admiring his work ;)

I finally made it back to OE to glue the pieces on for my blade and handle!

More updated pics in this slideshow:

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Trip to Madison WI

On September 18th Grant and I left work a little early and made our way to Madison, WI. We arrived around 9:30ish when Jess and Megan were just getting done playing their soccer game - perfect timing! We were tired from driving so just sat around and caught up and petted Ella. Saturday morning Jess made us some yummy eggs, bacon and sausage before we packed up and made our way to Trek. Jess had set us up with some pretty sweet mountain bikes for the day so we hopped on and rode out to the Trek trails. It was a fun day - we rode a lot of miles of trails and then hung out and grilled for supper.

Grant's excited to be mountain biking :)

Jess was trying to show us a trick but it didn't go as planned!

Jess and Megan scoping out the map to see what trails we should ride.

The trails were awesome and it was a great day for it! Here's a video of Grant on the dirt jumps:

After we were all exhausted we biked back to Trek and then headed back to the condo to shower and decide what else we should do. We ended up going in to town and had an appetizer and then watched the movie the Informant. It really wasn't that great of a movie (maybe because we were all really tired) but it was fun to hang out anyways! Back at the condo we played some Guitar Hero and then called it a night. Sunday morning Grant and I left to make our way back to MN. We stopped at his friend Tony's place in New Richmond, WI - it was good to see Tony, Joy, Nora and Cate! Then we were on our way again and made it back to MN that evening. It was a fun weekend adventure in Wisconsin!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thinking Snow?

Our snowmobile trip planning is coming along nicely for this winter! We finally decided on an area to check out. For the last few years we've been going to two different places so we decided to try something new this year. We'll be headed to Alpine, WY to ride the Wyoming Range. Sounds like there are a decent amount of trails in the area to ride and lots of backcountry! We found a house to rent so all of us can stay in one place again! It should be a good time!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day

Bikes and Kayaks + Laughs + Climbing + Tents and Campers + Oreos = a fun Labor Day weekend with the Hinnenkamps x2, the Johnsons and the Schnells!!

On Friday, September 4, 2009 Grant and I picked Angie up and headed for the Buffalo House Campground (aka the Buffalo Chip according to Suzette). We met Brody near Hinckley (he had been working in the cities) and finished the trek to the campground just south of Duluth. When we arrived, Darrell, Suzette, Jake and Cody already had camp set up. We put up our tents and settled around the campfire to listen to some clever songs by Grant and Brody (you can about imagine).

Saturday morning Mom and Dad arrived bright and early after Dad flew home from Philly Friday night.

The morning activity involved a lot of contemplating how to set up the slackline the best. Here's Grant, Brody and Jake tightening it.

Brody tries it while Grant and Jake assess.

Cody's turn.

After some intense slack-lining we all geared up for a bike ride to the St. Louis River to watch Grant and Brody do a little kayaking. See the blue and yellow spots? That's them ;)

After watching for a bit we headed back to the campground to hang out. The Johnsons and the Schnells made the famous tamale pie with a few adjustments. Based on Angie's suggestions we cooked everything except the corn bread first and then at the very end put that on top so it didn't burn! Brilliant! It was excellent as usual.

Slack lining was the event of the weekend. There were many hours spent by Brody, Grant and Jake trying to figure out the best contraption to hold the webbing tight between the trees.
There was also a lot of Oreo-cookie-eating happening. Everyone was trying to conserve their Oreos because anytime a package was opened they were devoured in about 5 minutes. Luckily Coborns had them on sale before the weekend so we managed to make the 4 packages last until Sunday!

On Sunday Brody, Angie, Grant, Jake and I went to Ely's Peak to do some climbing while the rest of the crew biked to Duluth. We climbed the Flake and the Bulge - they were fun climbs!

Jake, Angie and Brody hiking in.


Me belaying Jake

After climbing we all met at the campground and hopped in the vehicles to make a trip to Duluth to go for a swim in Lake Superior. Grant, Jake, Brody, Angie, Cody and I rode together and somehow lost the rest of the crew.

So, while we swam they were checking out a sand bar somewhere near us but we never found each other :) Then Brody and Angie headed for home and the rest of us went back to the campground for the evening.

On Monday Grant, Jake and I biked to a mountain biking loop called the Oak Trail to check it out. It was pretty short but fun to check out and a good quick workout. It was a little hilly and when we were going down a hill we noticed something brown on the side of the trail. Grant kept going full speed and all of a sudden slammed on his brakes. It was a porcupine!! The little guy sure didn't move very fast and was pretty cute waddling off the trail. Definitely the highlight of the day :) After we were done biking everyone packed up and headed back home. It was a fun weekend but went way too fast as always!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surf Boating Sturgeon Falls - Aug 27-30

B-Rody and I ventured North across the border to Winnipeg and then headed East to the Whiteshell Provincial Park, home of Sturgeon Falls and the Winnipeg River. We left our lovely wives on Thursday night and drove to just South of the border

We pulled the gear out of the back of the Vibe and crashed with the truckers at a rest stop. I told Brody to be sure to put out our "No Lot Lizards" sign. He learned what that meant after pondering the saying for a while:) Crossing the border at the current time is always a little nerve racking. Especially with two dudes like us. We have a tough time keeping our mouths shut. We think we are funny:) The guard grilled us on our plans and how we knew each other and that's about it. We practiced the questions a few miles before getting to the border. Canada let us in. Four more hours and we would be surfing. Stopped for gas at this lill mom and pop station at Seddons Corner just outside the park. A guy came out of the station and walked right at me as I got out of the car. I thought he was looking for trouble. I was preparing for a little excitement when he told me he was gonna pump my gas. Unreal! Haven't had my gas pumped for me since I was 16 by Milo at Mobil in LP. We continued on. Arrived at the park in the mid morning hours and set up the tent because we knew we would be much to tired to do it after we paddled that afternoon.

We suited up and made the half mile flatwater paddle to the waves. When we got on the water I could hear the power of the water before I could even see it across the lake.

Brody and I were the first ones out that day. The waves were crazy and very friendly.


Some stood about 7 feet tall from trough to the crest of the wave. An older guy came out a while after us and joined in on the fun. He was a crazy old man. He even brought some chronic to ease his nerves while he paddled. Eventually some others came out to paddle as well. By this time I had taken a swim once and had to be rescued. The water is so powerful that you get pushed a half mile out into the lake if you swim. Here's Brody:

Brody and I were getting tired so we headed back to camp. Good day.

We paddled the entire day on Saturday as well. Some fellow Minnesotans showed up too. They were from Roseau. The young kid was a good boater and fun to watch. There were about 6-8 boaters out on Saturday. Good time and we were spent by the end of the day. The laughs for the day were when Brody would get out of his boat for a break on the rock island.

Brody forgot to bring synthetic shorts (swim trunks). He was wearing a pair of skimpy boxers under his spray skirt. As if he needed anything else to make him funny looking. Here's me:

We got to camp and relaxed. Started a fire and ate. Then we made a quick drive to a place where rocks had been stacked in the shapes of turtles and snakes and humans by the native people. Pretty crazy and a little eerie at dusk. We went back to camp and chatted over a nice fire. We headed for home around 8am on Sunday. Got to the US border in a few hours. Brody informed me that getting back into the US was harder than getting into Canada. The border patrol dude grilled us for a while like the jock that he was and we were back into the good old USA. It's a shame when you are scared if you will be able to get back to your own country. Just open all the borders for the love of it all. Made it home safe and sound. An epic 4 day bender with B-Rody. Its good to have a friend that is as sick and insane as myself.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our New Niece!

Our little niece, Ella Ashley Stanley, arrived on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 9:50am! Grant and I (that would be Uncle Grant and Auntie Ashley now heh heh) have gotten to hang out with her quite a bit so far! She's so cute and mostly sleeps a lot now (I'm not sure her mom would agree with that). The last couple times we've visited she's been more awake which is fun! I can't believe she's over three weeks old already.

Gramma Vickie, Me and Ella

Gramma and Grampa

New Dad Chris!

Uncle Grant and Auntie Ashley with Ella

8-20-09 - At home now hanging out with Uncle Grant!

Ella meets the other Hinnenkamps - Jake, Darrell, Cody and Suzette (well, she already met Suzette and Cody at the hospital ;)

Four generations! Gramma Vickie, Great Gramma Hazel, Ella and Heather

Ella meets her other Great Gramma Rosie!

Here are some more pictures of her in a slideshow:
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