Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Weekend at Little Birch and Breakfast on the Farm

The weekend of June 26th, Darrell, Suzette, Jake, Cody, Mom, Grant and I (and the kitties Everest and Junebug) stayed at the cabin on Little Birch. We all got there on Friday after work. Jake, Cody, Grant and I all paddled our canoe out into the lake to the floating dock to jump in and swim. Grant also took out his new kayak to practice some rolls and stuff. We grilled for supper and later in the evening went in the cabin and watched Jake and Grant practice tying climbing knots.

Uncle Darrell and Mom cooking up some supper.

Jake, Uncle Darrell, Suzette, Mom and Mike


Saturday was rainy but we all headed for Grey Eagle to go to Rohde’s Dairy Farm for Breakfast on the Farm. It was a good time. I had to try to catch pancakes the cook flipped at me, we ate a good breakfast, took a tour of the farm and checked out the petting zoo.

On the shuttle on the way back to Grey Eagle Grant joked that he wanted a Dairy Princess to come sit on his lap. So, of course, Suzette got the Dairy Princesses’ attention and had them take a picture together :)

Once we got back to Little Birch we did a bunch of work around the yard. Jake and Grant went to town with the truck to get the riding lawn mower. Grant was so excited to mow with the rider he forgot it was a Murray brand mower and kept yelling ‘Yeah! John Deere!’ What a dork.

Jake and Cody fought over the push mowers and who would get to do the mowing while Darrell and Suzette did some landscaping around the fire pit.

Once Cody got to the hilly part of the yard I took over the push mower to finish it up while Cody played with the kitties. It was a very productive day!

Later in the evening Grant’s parents Marla and Gary came over to hang out. We cooked over the fire and then Gary, Grant and Jake went fishing. Jake caught ‘the tank’ bass so they decided to keep the fish and fillet them since Suzette loves bass.

Sunday we didn’t do a whole lot. Darrell and Suzette and the crew had gone home on Saturday. Grant left for a climbing training near Devil’s Lake Wisconsin and I hung out with Mom and the kitties in the morning and then packed up to head home!

Here are the pics in a slideshow:

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