Monday, May 18, 2009


Last night after I posted we sat around at the hostel and relaxed. We chatted with the guys we met the other night - the Canadian, Mark, and the guy from New Zealand, Chris - when they got back from their trip to the top of the Schilthorn mountain. Randomly we heard some music coming from somewhere and went up to the street and saw a marching band going by. :) Not sure what the occasion was but it was fun to see! A little while later it started to get cloudy and then started storming. We could see the rain and lightening off in the distance and then it started raining where we were. The patio at the hostel was covered though so we could sit out and watch the storm.

We woke up to another cloudy day and left Lauterbrunnen this morning around 9am to head for Zermatt. First, we took the train from Lauterbrunnen back down to Interlaken and then made our way to Zermatt!

We had to switch trains a couple times and made it just fine.

The train from Visp to Zermatt was pretty cool.

It traveled through a deep valley lined with ridges and waterfalls the whole way.

It was interesting to see the different types of houses and fields as we went farther south. A lot of the houses here have flat stone roofs and they have fields of something lining the sides of the valleys and mountains (we found out later they are grape fields to make wine)!

When we arrived in Zermatt it was still cloudy so we couldn't see the Matterhorn.

They only allow electric powered vehicles here.

Walking through town.

The river going through the city.

We went to our hostel but saw a sign that said we couldn't check in until 4pm and it was only 1pm. So, we went downstairs to the common area and had some lunch - bread and pb&j again :)

Then we left our packs at the hostel and went to walk around the city. As we walked it started to clear up so we went to a part of town where we thought we'd see the Matterhorn. We could see part of the base of it but still not the top.

We noticed a museum so we thought we'd check that out since we had time before we could check in. We were excited to find out that with our Eurail pass we could get in to the museum for free instead of paying the 10 swiss francs (CHF)!

The museum was interesting - it had a lot of information and stories about people that had attempted to climb the Matterhorn since the 1800s. Some of them made it and some didn't :( It also told about the history of the town of Zermatt. It showed how people used to farm here and the old style of houses with the flat stone roofs.

Information about the first ascent.

A painting of the first ascent.

Gear that climbers used back in the day.

We walked around town more after the museum visit.

There was a cemetary in town and every gravestone was for a climber that died on the Matterhorn. Crazy people.

Now we're back at our hostel and should be able to check in. I saw the computer was available so figured I'd take advantage of it! Free computer and internet here too!! There's only one computer though and it's been in use for awhile but I got a turn now! We're staying at a place called the Matterhorn Hostel and Apartments. I think we're going to go try to find a cheap restaurant to have supper at since there is no kitchen at this hostel - bummer. It will be nice to get out and have some of the food here and not have to cook though. We're hoping for a clear day tomorrow to do some hikes around here.

Dad, that does sound like it might be the type of cheese we had. I know there was a word on the chalkboard by the guy's barn that started with an A but I can't remember what the word was. We might have taken a picture of it though so we'll see when we get back!


  1. hey, glad to hear that you made it to your next stop! and free internet even!!

  2. Sounds like a nice ride over to Zermatt. It's a good idea to try some of the local food.
    I hope the weather cooperates!!!!!

  3. Oh and I am leaving Philly tonight for MN.


  4. Glad to hear you made it to another leg of the journey! Hope the weather cooperates for you tomorrow!! I hope the Matterhorn shows its top tomorrow for you!! It was beautiful here today - got to 80! Can't wait to see pics! Your blogs make it sound amazing! Love you two!! Mom Marla


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