Friday, May 15, 2009

A rainy day in Lauterbrunnen

So today we finally got the rain they've been talking about for awhile. This morning when we got up around 8 it was cloudy but we thought maybe it would clear up. We made some oatmeal at the hostel and got ready to go for a hike. We started out on a trail in town that made its way up into the woods. It was paved for awhile and followed a little channeled river out of town.
These goats were funny. The little ones kept jumping on the big one.

Pretty little flowers along the trail.

Hiking trail signs.

The trail was really steep - we figured it would be since it pretty much followed the route the cable car takes up the mountain but I think it was more steep than we expected! We had some nice views of the town across the valley but since it was so cloudy we couldn't see the mountains which was a bummer.
Looking down at Lauterbrunnen.

It was nice walking through the woods though. We saw a ton of snails - kinda weird that they are hanging out in the woods on the mountain and some of them were huge! We also saw several kinds of livestock with bells on :) There were some cute goats, horses and, of course, cows.
See how steep it was?? And those are some little goats with bells.

At the top of the mountain (or maybe you'd just call it the ridge of the valley), we stopped because Grant's feet were hurting. He was starting to get blisters so we got out the handy-dandy first aid kit and he put some bandages on to keep the blisters away.

The cable car that goes to the top of the ridge. From there you can take a train across to Murren if you don't want to walk.

We must be pretty high up ;) found some snow!

We kept walking across the top of the ridge and made it to a little place called Winteregg. It pretty much consisted of the train station and a restaurant. I think in the winter it is a ski place because it's right by the Schilthorn mountain. Everything was still closed though - we heard they open stuff up in June for summer in most of the mountain towns. We stopped near the restaurant and sat on a picnic table outside and had lunch. Grant fixed up his blister band aids and then it started raining more - it had just been misting since we got to the top of the ridge. A thermometer outside the building we were sitting by said it was only 7 degrees Celsius which I think translates to about 44 degrees Fahrenheit? No wonder I was getting chilly and had to dig out my coat and gloves!
Riding the donkey at Winteregg.

Grant fixing up his feet.

After lunch we continued on to the next town called Murren. We stopped at the train station just to get out of the rainy-ness for awhile and there was a free bathroom there! I took advantage of that :) Then we continued down to Gimmelwald.
The town of Murren.

On our way to Gimmelwald.

It's kind of crazy how things are built here. There's not a lot of flat ground where we were walking today so all the houses seem like they're built on cliffs and their backyards are hills. We wondered how the kids play catch without losing their ball over the edge. Maybe the kids just live down in the valley :)

They say the Lauterbrunnen valley has 72 waterfalls and they're not lying! We saw tons of waterfalls along the trail we were hiking on. They were very pretty. Once we got to Gimmelwald we had been hiking for about four hours and most of it was uphill so we decided we needed a break. There are trains and cable cars all over the valley so we took one from Gimmelwald down to a town called Stechelberg at the opposite end of the valley from Lauterbrunnen where we're staying. I'm sure the cable car ride is awesome when it's clear out - even today with all the clouds we could see lots of cool cliffs and waterfalls.
View from the cable car.

From Stechelberg we took a bus back to Lauterbrunnen and have just been hanging out since then. We made supper at the hostel again and are taking advantage of the free laptop.

Last night after we posted we sat out on the patio of our hostel with four others we met that are from Canada. We chatted for awhile and then they wanted to go to a bar so Grant went along but I decided I was too tired and stayed back. They went to the Horner bar which I think is the only one in town :) Other than that we're hoping for some clear skies tomorrow so we can see the peaks of the mountains and do some more hikes!


  1. i love livestock with bells on! and free bathrooms!

  2. Chalk up another 'new' bar visit for Grant! I'm sure he was thinking that the beer would help those blisters, that's all!! For weather control, you might want to start chanting, 'Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day!' Happy adventures! Mom Marla

  3. I guess in a 2 week period you will have some rain. Ash your new shoes must be working this hiking trip.

  4. Listen up Grant... you need to suck it up with your damn baby blisters... I feel bad for Ash dragging your sorry butt around Europe. I have taught you better than this. Love your best man, Josh.

  5. hey pal thanks a lot for getting back to me on the whole race thing i did figure out when it is and now i am here at your house and i find out you are being a little girl in europe and ashley is taken care of you all the way just hang in there pal everything will be ok. I still love you. p.s Josh and I are planning in running the 10K well not sure if we will be around after it is said and done. Have fun and stop crying about your darm blisters. Flan


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