Monday, May 11, 2009

Munich and Fussen

Hi again! After our post last night we went to our room in the hostel to get ready for bed. We did end up with a roommate and she was really nice. Her name was Anna Marie and she was from Croatia. We chatted for awhile before going to bed. She was on her way to California to visit family. Today we had a little bit of a slow start. we woke up at 6:30am and started packing up but then I started to feel sick. So, we layed down and took a nap. We got up again around 8 and went down to have breakfast. I couldnt really eat anything so just had some toast. We packed up, checked out of the hostel and left our big packs in the luggage room at the hostel so we didnt have to carry them around all day. I made it a little ways but then had to stop for a break. After buying some bottled water and taking it easy for a bit I started to feel better. Grant said his belly kinda hurt too - I dont think we had the swine flu - probably just a combination of the airplane food, staying up all night and the brats and beer :)

We met Janna at about 11am and then headed for the English Garden.

Apparently if you touch this it gives you good luck!

On the way we went past the University and checked out the library. All the buildings are really neat with fancy architecture.

The English Garden is a really big park so we walked around on the paths and stopped for some lunch. We saw a lot of ducks and a swan ... oh and some naked old people.

After leaving there we walked past a part of town that still has old buildings that Hitler had built. A lot of buildings were ruined in WWII but these were still standing. As Janna said - it was crazy to think that Hitler had walked where we were walking.

Then we said goodbye to Janna at the train station and headed back to the hostel to get our bags.

We stopped at a little market to get some peanut butter, jelly, fruit, bread and water to have for our supper tonight :) After getting those things we headed for where we thought the bus was supposed to pick us up to go to Fuessen. we got there at about 4pm and the bus was supposed to come at 4:25. we sat around and took turns going to find a bathroom in the train station we were next to. Grant went in first and came back saying he couldnt find one. So I went in and saw a sign for WC which means water closet (bathroom to us). I paid my 80 cents to use the bathroom and went out and reminded Grant what they call them here :) He went in and while I was waiting I realized it was 4:25 so I started getting nervous we werent at the right place because we hadnt seen the bus. I grabbed all our gear and walked around the corner and tried to ask a lady but she didnt speak english. But I saw the sign that had our bus name on it so knew that was the spot.

I went back to where Grant had left me and didnt see him so then was worried Id lost him ... but then I saw him wandering near the other busses and yelled to get his attention. We went and waited at the bus stop and it didnt come ... there was another kid that said he had been waiting since 4:00 so we knew we couldnt have missed it. while we were waiting the lady that didnt speak english was also waiting for some bus and she kept coming over and talking to a guy next to us. we realized she was really wasted and she kept going over to him and i dont know what they said but all of a sudden she was spitting at him and he was about to slap her but then just hit her a little on the face. All we could understand her saying was 'you schister!' hehe ... then she went over to her bags and grabbed another beer and hammered it! grant says 'it was awesome!' finally the bus showed up (about an hour late) and we got on.

we headed out of munich and onto a road headed towards the bavarian alps. they were really pretty!

the road wound up a mountain and into a valley where there were a bunch of small towns we drove through (it was a little disappointing that we didn't get to stop in any of them though).

When we came out of the valley we could see neuschwanstein castle on the side of the mountain ... so cool!

we got dropped off near our hostel in fussen and called the owners so they would come check us in to the LA City Hostel. the owner showed us a map of the town so we went and checked out the old town and walked along the Lech river to some man-made falls.

Fussen is an awesome little town - so pretty!

Walking along the Lech River.

Distances measured in time.

Lech Falls

On the way back we stopped to have the pb&j we had bought and then also stopped for a tasty ice cream cone.

now were back at the hostel and will probably relax and go to bed. we have three roommates but weve only met one - hes asian and speaks a little english. us americans really need to pick it up and learn some more languages. everyone we met (except the drunk lady) knows at least a little english! tomorrow we are gonna check out the castles and hike around on some trails maybe. we'll stay at this same hostel tomorrow night so will try to post again then! have a good night! PS i just found the apostrophe key on this german keyboard ... so exciting! i still can't get the hang of where the y and z are though!


  1. What stories you two have to tell! I'm sure the camera is just clicking away as you pass by the sites...can't wait to see pics! The story about the drunk lady was funny...I'd expect Grant to think that was awesome!! Glad to hear that you finally got on the bus anyway. Hope you two have a good night's rest (notice I found the apostrophe ok on this keyboard)!! Love ya - Mom Marla

  2. naked old people and drunken non-english speaking lady--awesome! i hope you guys are feeling better! and i hope you're taking lots of pictures! awww, the castle! yay! we love to read your updates on the blog!!

  3. oh geez!! you two must be having soooo much fun!! i would have loved to see the drunken lady also grant! i bet that was humorous!! isn't munich gorgeous with all the old buildings? oh and i am just imagining the site of the neuschwanstein castle when you were driving near it!! - oh and if you need to sound impressive, here is a great german word for you streizholzchecktenhen - pronounced striz-holz-chec-tel-hen (or something close) - BTW, it means match... just in case you need to build a fire or something!! hehe JK!! miss and love you both, Bri :)

    BTW - Ash, i had to create my very first ad to go in the hometown news today.... scary....


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