Sunday, May 10, 2009

Made it to Munich!

Hey all! We made it to Munich today at noon their time. All our flights were on time and our backpacks even made it here all in one piece! The flight from Chicago to London was long and we didnt sleep much so we are pretty tired now. But we managed to stay up so far and its 705pm here! The Heathrow airport in london is huge and i was a little worried we wouldnt make our flight because we had to take a bus to get to the right gate but we made it! Janna met us at the airport in munich when we got in at noon and helped us find an ATM, get our train tickets validated and find the train to take us into Munich to check in to the Euro Youth Hostel.

The room is pretty nice and so far we don´t have a roommate.

After we checked in we went and got some sandwiches and then walked around Munich.

We saw the town hall and a bunch of other cool historic buildings and churches.

We also walked along the Iza river and saw a bunch of baby ducks and cool bridges and buildings.

Then for supper we ate some bratwurst, saurkraut and a pretzel at the Hofbrauhaus.

Grant had a liter of some pretty dark beer and I had a lighter beer mixed with lemonade. It was good!

I think we would have been a little lost without Janna so far. When we first got off the train I saw a sign that I thought said the name of the street and I was wondering why I couldnt find it on the map and then Janna informed me the sign actually said One Way ;)

Another time we were walking and saw a sign that had a woman and a little kid on it and Grant thought it meant only women could walk there but turns out it just means no motorized vehicles :)

another funny thing is this keyboard ... the z and y key are switched around so I keep tzping words with the letters switched around ... hehe ... I also cant find the apostrophe key so there will be none of those ... we learned that einfahrt means entrance or way in and ausfahrt means exit or way out ... bitte means please and druken means push ... i think :) ... tomorrow we are meeting Janna to go check out the English Garden along the Iza river and then we will take the bus to Fussen and stay there for two nights to check out the castles. Hope everyone had a happy mothers day! we will have to post pics when we get home cuz they have the computers covered so you cant plug anything into them. talk to you later! luv, ash & grant


  1. Glad to hear you made it! Sounds like it was nice to have Janna there! Why did I just know that Grant would want to head to Hofbrauhaus?!! Glad to hear the German beer went down ok! Enjoy, you two! Love - Mom Marla

  2. Hi
    Sounds great we got your backpack in one piece also. Hope the weather is nice and you can sleep when you get home!!!!!
    Love Dad

  3. Oh now I see rain in your forcast but temps look good.


  4. Hey Guys, sounds like you had an exciting day! Can't wait to here more and see pics when you get back!!



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