Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We made it to all the trains in time and got to Interlaken this afternoon. Its a very pretty place with mountains all around. our room in our hostel (the happy inn) is a little crowded with 7 people but we will survive for tonight ... everything is very expensive though including the internet so ill write more about our travels today when we find some cheaper internet ... hehe ... now the keyboards in switzerland are different than germany ... cant find the apostrophe again ... later


  1. Yikes - which one of the 7 is in bed with you & Grant!! LOL Glad to hear that you made it to Interlaken - it sure looks like a pretty place! Anyway, I promised Gary that I would pass on a comment from him - "Ashley is doing a fantastic job in updating the blog. She keeps us up on the happenings!!" I sure hope you find a cheaper computer - I don't want to miss out on much!! Enjoy yourselves - Love, Mom Marla

  2. I look forward to your posts! Thanks for taking time to keep us up to date! I second Gary's comment, good job with the updates!
    Mom (Vickie)

  3. this all sounds sooooo cool, you guys are amazing to be doing this, travel safe and enjoy this special time you both, darrell,suzette,jake and cody

  4. Hi,
    I think this whole internet thing is great! We are all with you guys on this great trip. I sure hope the time slows so you get the most out of it. I am back in Philly and enjoying the reading. Hey I will chip in for the internet fee if you keep the great updates coming.
    Hey Grant I just slammed a BEER HEH HEH.
    "': checking if all mine work!!!!


  5. WOW!!! Amazing stories... i am so jealous - not going to lie... glad to hear you are totally taking in everything that you two can! your blog posts are great and some of the girls at work asked about your trip, so now i am sending out emails to them! they are loving them too! miss you tons! work is super busy and my ad total is up to 2 now, possibly 3 soon... can't wait till you are back to see pictures! later dudes! ~Bri


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