Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen

This morning everyone in our room at the Happy Inn slept in. We woke up around 8am when the guy that came in the middle of the night started to pack up. Grant and I got ready and headed out to get some groceries and breakfast and then walk across town to the Interlaken Ost (east) train station. We got on the train and made our way to Lauterbrunnen. There was some pretty scenery on the way up into the valley.

It's been kind of cloudy most days but we could still see a lot of the mountains. When we got to Lauterbrunnen we checked into the Valley Hostel.

Train station at Lauterbrunnen.

Walking to the Valley Hostel.

Pretty waterfalls all over! Notice the hang glider/cliff jumper too.

Again we are in an 8 person dorm room but so far we are the only two in the room. It's a very nice place! Definitely our favorite town and favorite hostel so far. Way fewer people here than in Interlaken. The hostel looks very new and clean - the rooms all have pine walls and pine bunks. There's even an upstairs loft with two bunks in our room and clothes lines in the windows. There's a kitchen for people to use downstairs and a laundry sink! Oh, and of course, the laptops you can use for FREE!!

View out the window of our room at the Valley Hostel.

After we got settled and had a baguette/pb&j snack we went for a walk farther up into the valley. We saw some cows with bells on them and checked out all the waterfalls in the valley. It's a very pretty place. We can't see the peaks of the highest mountains that line the valley but we could see a lot of the mountains.

Stopping for a candy bar snack. Swiss chocolate - mmmm good!

We walked quite a ways and then started to head back towards Lauterbrunnen when our feet couldn't take any more walking. We stopped at Trummelbach Falls on the way back.

The falls are created by all the water melting from the huge mountains around the valley. You actually can't see the falls from the outside - you have to go into some tunnel kind of things that must have been created by the water. It's pretty neat to see.

Looking down the valley towards our hostel from outside the falls.

We walked around in all the cave/tunnels to see all the different parts of the falls and then made our way back to the road to Lauterbrunnen.

We walked along the road until we thought we came to a trail we saw on the map. Actually it looked more like a field to me but Grant was sure it was the trail. When we got across the field to a river we had to go across a bridge that was actually blocked off ... but we hopped over the blockades ... pretty sure it was not the right trail ;) then on the other side of the river we did get on a trail that took us back to Lauterbrunnen.

Such a pretty town!

We stopped at the grocery store so Grant could get some beer and then came back to the hostel to rest our feet for awhile.

Did we mention the Valley Hostel rocks? Check out the nice patio.

Then we went to the grocery store again and got some food for supper and breakfast tomorrow. We cooked supper at our hostel because it's waaaaay cheaper than eating out around here. I washed some of my clothes and hung them in our window ... heh heh ... and now we're just relaxing before getting ready for bed in a couple hours. I better get off this FREE computer before Grant losses it ... he's looking a little antsy ... maybe we'll go check out a bar before we go to bed. :)


  1. Hey, that's cool that you like this hostel best, since you'll be there a few days! Fun!

  2. Oh the crosscountry route and I am sure it was a trail also. I hope you are remembering all those beer names!!!

  3. I got the postcard today. Cool! That made it fast! I can't read German so where it tells about the picture I couldn't understand.

  4. Love the updates! Feels like being on the trip with you! Can't wait to see pics when you get back.

  5. So, just wondering tonight if you checked out any bars in Lauterbrunnen?!! Sounds like you got your hiking in for today anyway!! Quite the adventurers you two are! Did you end up with roommates? Sounds like this hostel is nice and I bet you are glad there aren't so many people in Lauterbrunner. Sounds like you have met some nice people too...along with the drunk lady in Germany!! Will be thinking about you on Saturday as we do Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it!! You'll be doing your hiking there instead of here!! Love you two!! Mom Marla


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