Sunday, May 17, 2009

A good night followed by a day trip to Grindelwald

Last night after successfully making our rosti we sat out on the patio at the hostel and chatted with a guy from Canada - Mark, a guy from New Zealand - Chris, and a couple from Australia. A little later we decided to go check out the one bar in town - the Horner. Grant had been there a couple nights earlier but it was during the week so we thought it might be different on a Saturday night. Turns out it still was pretty dead even on a weekend. I think it probably gets busier in the summer but there aren't a ton of people around now. We went upstairs where there was music playing and it was a little strange to see a bunch of kids that had to be 17 years old drinking beer but it's legal here. The people we were hanging out with were a lot of fun and we learned a lot about where they're from. We hung out, danced and laughed until about 2am when Grant and I left.

A couple highlights of the night were when the Australian guy was telling a joke and stood up for more effect and when he sat down he missed his bar stool - hehe. We were all laughing so hard but not at the joke!

Chris, the Australian (I can't remember his name - sorry :( and Grant.

Then some country song came on and all the locals started to line dance. It was the funniest thing and Mark joined right in - he knew the dance too! Almost all the songs they were playing at the bar were in English which was kind of weird - I thought they'd be German.

Chris giving the thumbs up while Mark does the line dance ;)

It was a good night but then we ended up sleeping in until about 9:30am. We got up and did our usual routine of making oatmeal and getting packed up to go. We took it easy today since we've been walking pretty much all day everyday since we got here. We took some trains back down the valley and then headed up the other side to check out Grindelwald.

It was a nice town but a lot bigger than Lauterbrunnen and it seemed more touristy with more shops and tons of hotels. We went in some shops, had some ice cream and admired the Eiger mountain from a few different spots. It's pretty everywhere around here!

Then we headed back to our hostel in Lauterbrunnen and have been hanging out on the patio for the afternoon snacking on the cheese we bought yesterday. Dad - it's hard cheese and very tasty but that's about all I know about it!

Pretty ride back to Lauterbrunnen.

Watching a storm roll into the valley from our hostel.

Tomorrow we head out from Lauterbrunnen and go south to Zermatt - hopefully the weather stays nice so we can see the Matterhorn! And maybe there will be some affordable internet somewhere :)


  1. Sounds like a more relaxing day. I will checkout the kinds of cheese they make.
    Hope the weather is good for the Matterhorn I looked at more pictures of it that is one extreme rock.

  2. Hmmm not many kinds made this sounds most like it. Dad
    Blue Cow Swiss Gruyere
    Region: Brevine Plateau Switzerland
    Milk: Raw Cows milk

    They are made in large 35kg wheels that are hand rubbed and matured for 6 months. When Gruyere is first cut, the aroma is of fresh meadow flowers trapped in rich, creamy milk. Slightly grainy, this cheese has a wonderful complexity of fruity flavours finished with a slight nuttiness.

  3. I found out it is the most popular also.

    Alpage Swiss Gruyere
    Milk: Cows
    Description: Dating back to the 13th century, Gruyere is the most popular cheese in Switzerland

  4. good luck with your travels tomorrow! i hope the next stop on the trip is as nice as this one was!


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