Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glacier Express Zermatt to Chur

Last night in Chur we didn't have internet so I'm a day behind in posting! The Glacier Express was awesome yesterday! We had another clear day so we could see all the sights. The temperature has been anywhere from 40 to 70 fahrenheit depending on where we are. Yesterday it was really nice and probably 60 to 70. It was very warm when we got to the end of the train ride in Chur.

The Glacier Express train was really nice. It was fancier than the other trains we've ridden probably because it's operated by a private company.

It even had snacks and supper but it was spendy so we brought our own cheaper bread, wine and cheese :) The wine was even made in the Valais which is the part of Switzerland Zermatt is in!

We saw a lot of cute little mountain villages, a mountain goat, rivers, mountains, the Rhine River Gorge that they call the Grand Canyon of Switzerland and lots more!

We rode on the train from Zermatt to Chur but you can ride it all the way to a place called St. Moritz in southern Switzerland. We didn't since we would have just had to come back north today to get back to Munich.

Our train left Zermatt at 10am and we got to Chur at about 3;30pm. When we arrived in Chur, we left the train station to find our hostel and after walking a little ways realised we were on the wrong side of the train station so had to go back ;) Eventually we found the JBN hostel and checked in. They told us they were having a party so we were like oh ok and didn't think much of it. We left the hostel to find some supper and then walked around the old part of town.

Chur is either the oldest city in Switzerland or the oldest city in just southern Switzerland. I can't remember what they said now but the buildings, church and cathedral were really cool.

After we had enough we headed back to the hostel to get ready for bed. That's when we realized they weren't kidding when they said they were having a party. We were on the third floor and we could hear the music coming all the way from the first floor! They partied until about 4am. Luckily we had ear plugs with! Today we found out it's some kind of holiday in Germany and Switzerland so that's why they were partying.

We can't believe our vacation is almost over already. It seems like we just got here and are now getting the hang of everything. Today waiting for the trains we could even pick out words they were announcing and figure out what they were saying in German! How exciting except that we're leaving soon. sad ;( We are excited to see everyone when we get back though! I'll post more about today later!


  1. wow--i hope you got some sleep with all that partying going on. what was the holiday for? the train ride sounds neato!

  2. Mr & Mrs Schnell!!!! I can't believe your trip is almost over (and i'm just posting now ;)....I'm so sad for you but happy that we will get our friends back ;)....Sounds like you are having a blast and eating lots of sandwiches. Enjoy your last moments there and have an extra beer for us!

    -Ang & Brody time we are fitting in your suitcases


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