Friday, May 22, 2009

Dachau Concentration Camp

Today was a rainy day in Munich. We got up around 8 and got ready and found our way onto a train headed for Dachau just outside of Munich.

Dachau was the first concentration camp set up by Hitler during his attempt to exterminate the Jews. I'm not going to be able to describe in words what you feel when you visit this place but it was interesting, sad, overwhelming, puzzling, and many other emotions all at once. We went on the self guided hand held audio tour to save some money. It was just 3 euro to rent the audio machine instead of 19 euro each to go on a tour. They gave us a map and we were on our way.

Some of the buildings are in use for police functions so you can only go in some but it was enough for us.

Here's what we saw:
The bunker (this went around the outside of the camp - there were watch towers that housed guards and then there was barbed wire and electric fence outside of that).

Some of the rebuilt barracks (a lot of buildings were destroyed during or right after the war so they rebuilt some of it).

The huge area they had to gather every morning and night to do role call

The crematorium and more.

It was crazy to walk around and hear the stories and descriptions of what went on in the camp.

The words on the door read 'Works sets you free'

Once we had heard enough we headed back for the train station to Munich. We wandered around and checked out some shops and now we're back and going to pack up to fly back to the states tomorrow. Mom and Dad it looks like our flights are on time so far :) we will be getting on a train at 5am here because our flight leaves Munich at 7:50am and it's a 40 minute train ride to the airport. We should be back to MSP at 6:40pm. I'll text or call when we get to Chicago and when we land in MSP. I think that's it for our trip to Germany and Switzerland. Can't wait to see all of you when we get back! We'll be planning our next trip soon ;)

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  1. Hi Ashley & Grant!
    Sorry your adventure is nearly over, but we're excited to have you come back! Thanks for the flight confirmation. We're planning to visit Grandma before we pick you up. We'll be waiting to hear from you when you reach Chicago.
    Mom & Dad


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