Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Climbing at Taylor's Falls

On Sunday we made the trip to Taylor's Falls and Interstate State Park on the border of MN and WI. First we climbed on the WI side of the park and then moved to the MN side when people started to leave. We got there at about 11am and set up a top rope to try some rappels on some higher stuff.

I freaked out a little because the way the anchors were set up at the top you had to go over the edge when the ropes weren't tight yet. That's a little scary! Eventually Grant got me to go over the edge and I made it down just fine. Then Grant and Erik tried some trad climbs (traditional climbs) where you place gear (cams and nuts) in cracks to put your rope through to catch you if you fall.

We had them on top rope for back up in case they fell and the gear came out of the cracks. Erik placed one cam and wanted to test it so climbed above it and fell on purpose and it popped out! We had him on top rope so that caught him but just shows we still need more practice! Here are some pictures:

Here's a video of Erik when he placed some gear and jumped to test it and it stayed in and caught him!

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