Friday, May 22, 2009

Chur, Switzerland back to Munich, Germany

Yesterday we hopped on a train leaving Chur at 9:30am. So far during our trip most of the trains we've ridden have been very empty because it's not quite summer tourist season yet. Since it was some sort of holiday yesterday the train from Chur to Munich was packed! No lie it was literally packed and we had to stand for about an hour and a half. Finally some people headed for the restaurant on board the train and said we could sit in their seats. Luckily they stayed in the restaurant for most of the rest of the 4 hour ride so we could sit until we were just about to Munich :) I don't think I would have made it standing for the entire time and Grant probably wouldn't have wanted to deal with me ... hehe. Once we were back to Munich we checked into the Euro Youth Hostel again and then went out to check out more of the town. We headed south of our hostel this time to see where they do Oktoberfest. Right now it was just a huge empty parking lot but I can imagine what it's like in October!

On our way we saw a huge cathedral called St. Paul's I think.

There was also a big statue of a lady and a lion symbolizing something with Bavaria that was pretty cool to look at.

It was really hot outside and we were walking in the sun and didn't have any water with so went searching for some. All we could find was McDonalds so we ordered two waters. I didn't even think about it until I took the first sip but for some reason here everyone drinks carbonated water or water with gas as they say. Bummer ... our water had gas ... and it wasn't my favorite ... hehe. But we walked to a park and they had a water fountain so I got some non gas water from that.

Grant climbed this fun toy at the park ;)

Check out this gigantic chess set!

Nothing else too exciting happened yesterday. We just went back to our hostel and had a beer in the bar downstairs.

Enjoying some truffles left from Switzerland :)

A little game of checkers for the evening

Again people were partying until 4am but our ear plugs blocked out most of the noise so we could sleep a little!

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