Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today we got up a little late - everyone in our room slept until about 8:30am.

There were two girls from Canada in our room and one guy from taiwan, Hao Hung. Everyone is really nice and we even got a little gift from Hao Hung! we had breakfast at the hostel - they even gave us a boiled egg, Mom! It was a nice, clear day so we could see the castle from the hostel balcony!

You have to look closely above the roof of the house farthest away on the left.

then we headed out and made the 30 minute walk to the next town called Schwangau. There we bought tickets to go on the tour of Neuschwanstein castle.
Pretty views on the way to the castles. You can take a bus but we thought we'd take the free, scenic walk :)

Once you get in to Schwangau, you have to go to the right on the road up the hill a little ways to the ticket purchasing place. from there we had to hike about 15 minutes to get to the castle.

instead of walking you could also pay for a horse carriage ride but again we opted for the free, scenic walk :)

Looking back towards Fussen.

The front of the castle.

We made it!

Cool view of the town of Schwangau and Hohschwangau castle from Neuschwanstein castle.

The court area of the castle.

The tour was short but interesting to see the inside. After the tour we walked to Mary's Bridge over a waterfall where we could get a cool view of the castle - we were bummed they have scaffolding all along the side we could see though so our pics weren't that great.

Walking around the back of the castle to Mary's Bridge.

View of Neuschwanstein castle from Mary's Bridge.

the castle is huge and really cool to see! It was a little cloudy, but dad, it didn't rain on us until we got back to fussen today. after seeing the castle from the bridge we kept walking and hiked up a pretty crazy path where we could see both castles (hohschwangau castle is near neuschwanstein). it was more like mountain climbing than walking on a path :)

on our way back we stopped along the river and had a baguette and some pb&j we had bought yesterday.

We took a longer path from the town of Schwangau back to fussen instead of going the way we came. the path brought us into the woods and around a little lake.

See the castle between us?

Hohschwangau castle in the distance.

it was nice but we didn't exactly know what all the signs said so we actually ended up in the town next to fussen ...but it was only a short walk to get back to fussen.

once we were there it started to rain a little so we headed to the train station to try to figure out how to get to interlaken, switzerland tomorrow. the lady at the station printed off a schedule so we'll see if we can find all the right trains! i guess we have to take a bus from fussen to the next stop because the trains aren't running right now. after we got the schedule for tomorrow we went to a little cafe to eat. it's interesting ordering food because we never quite know what we'll get. grant saw a dessert he thought was chocolate but really i'm not sure what it was - definitely not chocolate! i forgot to mention that yesterday when we were in munich walking around with janna we saw a part of the berlin wall that they had displayed by the us embassy - that was kinda cool. now we're back at the hostel just hanging out because it's a little chilly and rainy outside. thanks for everyone's comments - hope you are all doing well. Bri, i'm sure the ad will be great :) Marla, glad to hear the van shopping went well. hi mom, dad, heather, chris and bear ... hope you had a good time at the hub! hi to sandy and kory too!! hopefully we'll make it to interlaken tomorrow and post when we get there! bye!


  1. Castles...I love looking at pics of castles! Sounds like you are definitely getting some walking in! What an adventure you two are on...and I almost, I said almost, feel like I am right along with you when reading your blogs. Dad wants to know how old the naked old people were?!! LOL Anyway, continue to enjoy life!! Love - Mom Marla

  2. Hey Grant and Ashley!

    So glad you are having fun in Germany! Brings back lots of memories of my trip back in 1997 - definitely makes me want to go back! I think I pretty much just ate at the bakeries when I was there! :) All the buildings are so cool and old!


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