Friday, May 29, 2009

Back in Minnesota

Grant and I had an awesome trip to Germany and Switzerland! Now we're getting settled back in to life in Minnesota. The week since we got back has been a blur getting everything situated again at home and at work. We took over 1200 pictures on our trip so I am still going through them and narrowing them down before I post them! I should have them up hopefully by early next week :)

Our flights back to the states were all on time and we actually got in to Minneapolis 20 minutes earlier than we were scheduled. Mom and Dad picked us up and we headed back to Sartell. One funny thing while on our flights happened when we flew into Madrid, Spain for one of our layovers. We were sitting next to a guy that was living in Madrid at the time (he was originally from Denver, Co) so he told us where we had to go in the airport to get to our gate. When we got off the plane we saw the sign for our gate and the arrow pointed down. So, we looked all over for some stairs, an elevator, an escalator or anything to get us down to the lower level but we couldn't find anything. Then the guy we had been sitting by came up behind us and said to follow him. We were like, hey, wait, the sign for the gate you told us to go to says it's downstairs. He just chuckled and said actually in Madrid arrows pointing down mean to walk straight ahead. hehe. So, we followed him and found our gate and then made it the rest of the way on the long flight back to the states!

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  1. It is always good to be back home and start planning the next adventure. I can't wait until I get to go with and figure out all those signs.



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