Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quarry Park

We had an adventure tonight in Quarry Park! It's been awhile! It seems we've been busy but, with what, I'm not sure. We haven't been home a lot in the evenings but finally tonight we had a chance to go walk around Quarry Park. I got new hiking boots for my birthday so I've been trying to break them in before our trip to Germany in EIGHT DAYS!!!

Quarry Park is only about 15 minutes from our townhome so we go there often to hang out. We climb, bike, swim or hike there. Tonight we hiked in some new territory we haven't been in before called the Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) towards the back of the park. We got to the park around 7pm and bundled up to head out on our walk. It was a little chilly and really windy but once we got into the trees it wasn't as bad. On our way through the park to the SNA I saw something brown out of the corner of my eye. It was a mom fox and her baby! We stopped on the trail and so did they. The mom fox stared at us for awhile while the little kit (that's what they call baby foxes apparently) looked kinda confused. Then the mom grabbed at the kit and it plopped over on the ground almost like it was playing dead. Then the mom picked it up behind its head and carried it off. It was the cutest thing ever!! I always bring my camera everywhere and, of course, I forgot it tonight! Here's a picture I found online that looks kind of like the little foxes we saw. Foxes are the cutest things ever! The ones we saw were even chubbier and cuter than these :)

After seeing the foxes we kept walking and followed the path around the shorter loop in the SNA. I think it was still about a 5-6 mile walk total. Here is a map of the park. The green section on the map seems to be the more used part of the park and on the right of the map it shows the entire park including the SNA area. We did the whole loop except the small loop at the end of the SNA (towards the bottom of the map). When we were just about out of the SNA we saw about 20 deer out in a field. We snuck up to the edge of the trees and got really close to them. Finally one of them got scared and snorted at us and ran off and the rest followed. When we got back out of the SNA we heard a weird sound coming from across a quarry. We walked over to a rock ledge and listened and watched for awhile. It sounded like some kind of animal screaming like it was in pain. First we thought it was a coyote and then we decided it was a hawk. We stood for awhile watching and listening. It was getting dark so it was hard to see but suddenly I saw a fox run out of the trees. It stopped and made the screaming noise and seemed like it was chasing something. It was the weirdest thing. Apparently it's what they do though because here is a YouTube clip of exactly what it sounded like.

It was about 9pm when we got back to our car. We had a nice walk around Quarry Park and were excited to see some wildlife!

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  1. Wow that was cool. If you would have had the camera the fox might not have been there.



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