Thursday, April 9, 2009

Christmas in April?

We ordered some gear for our trips and it came today! Grant was excited to unpack it and check it out all. It was like Christmas in April!!

The stuff for our Germany/Switzerland trip that we got is a camera case, sleeping bag liners (so we don't have to sleep on the hostel sheets and get bed bugs), inflatable neck pillows for the plane ride, passport holder/travel wallets and stuff sacks. I think we have most of the stuff we need for this trip now. There are just a few random things we still have to get like I need an extra battery for my camera and probably an extra memory card and ... what else? I better make a list.

We also got a few things for our Teton climbing trip like trekking poles, a set of nuts, two carabiners and some slings for setting anchors. Ahh both these trips are coming really fast! We still have a lot of climbing practice to do. I have to learn to rappel and we have to practice setting and removing cams and nuts. And I need to practice belaying trad lead. We're going to meet Erik at SCSU tomorrow to climb. He and his friend Josh are the other two that are climbing the Teton with us.
That's all for tonight - Happy Easter!

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  1. we think it's funny you got yourselves a set of nuts. har har ;o)
    the hinnenkamps & the stanleys


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