Sunday, March 22, 2009


We're making more progress on planning our trip to Germany and Switzerland! We'll be staying in the Interlaken area for several days while we're in Switzerland. We booked some beds at the Happy Inn Lodge for our first night in Switzerland. Then we'll head up into the valley near Interlaken and stay in Lauterbrunnen at the Valley Hostel for four nights. We've heard this area is pretty amazing and in the heart of the alps so we're spending a good chunk of our time there. Can't wait!! We leave in about 7 weeks!


  1. wow! that area looks gorgeous! you should use a few different memory cards for your camera throughout your trip and keep them in a couple different spots so if one gets lost, you won't lose all of your pictures from your trip. oh, and you should add a drop-down menu on your blog for your labels, so you can easily find all posts with a particular label. :o) only 48 days til you leave!!!

  2. Oh maybe I can hide in your bags and go with.


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