Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grant's pack

Today we were in Maple Grove for a Hinnenkamp family gathering for Heather, Darrell and Gramma Rosie's 30, 50, and 80th birthdays. After we checked out of the hotel this morning we stopped at REI so Grant could try on some packs. A worker guy loaded some of them with some pillows that apparently added up to 15lbs and then Grant tried them on and found one he liked. Now we both have our packs for the trip! We're definitely going to have to pack light because they are both about 4,000 cubic inches which isn't that big for two weeks. But we don't want to have to lug around huge backpacks when we're walking around! And I'll have to make sure to leave a little extra room in case we find some souvenirs to bring back :)

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